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Ravishankar Lab in the News Media in 2018:

The Ravishankar lab research on melons and plant-based antimicrobials for food applications were featured in the following public media:

National Public Radio Tucson (07/05/18)- 

Local TV Channel KGUN9 (06/01/18) 

Arizona Daily Star (4/29/18)


Food Safety Major Featured in Public Media

Dr. Patricia Stock and Dr. Sadhana Ravishankar were interviewed on the new Food Safety Major which was featured in local TV channel KGUN9 (06/09/18) -


News Media Organized by Topic:


Organic Leafy Greens Research was featured in the following public media:

1. UA now and UA “Improving Safety and Quality of Organic Leafy Greens” (11/09/2010)

2. Arizona Public Media (Tucson section NPR)

3. Channel 13 KOLD local Tucson “UA to make salads safer” (11/16/2010)

4. Bites (the worldwide food safety news listserv) “ARIZONA: Improving safety and quality of organic leafy greens” (11/14/2010)

5. Food Chemical News “University of Arizona gets grant to improve organic greens safety” (11/19/2010)

6. Growing “Project Aims To Increase The Safety Of Organic Leafy Greens” (11/11/2010)

7. California Farmer Magazine “Safe organic greens, field to fork” (01/2011)

8. The New Southwest (formerly the Tucson Green Times)
9.  "Compendium" by the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
(Spring 2011)

10. USDA-NIFA released a blog on our organic leafy greens research and natural sanitizers for produce (Fall 2015)

11. The Daily Wildcat “UA Researcher works with common household plants and spices to kill bacteria on food” (Winter 2015)

12. The Packer Magazine “Arizona Researchers Study Natural Food Safety Methods (Fall 2015)

13. Phoenix Public Radio- Dr. Ravishankar interviewed with Mark Brody on natural sanitizers for leafy greens in Phoenix Public Radio KJZZ 91.5 FM (Fall 2015)

14. Texas Radio 710- Dr. Ravishankar interviewed with Barbara Storz of Radio 710- KURV R Communications, Texas (Fall 2015)

15. USDA-NIFA- Dr. Ravishankar interviewed with Rodney Bain of USDA Radio News (Fall 2015)


Grilled meat and oregano/plant antimicrobials research was featured in the following public media:

1. UA Now and UA Grilled Meat + Oregano = Reduced Risks of Cancer, Foodborne Disease” (12/15/2010)

2. Bites (the worldwide food safety news listserv) (the worldwide food safety news listserv) “US: Grilled meat + oregano = reduced cancer, foodborne disease risks” (12/15/2010)

3. Arizona Daily Star  “UA research: Oregano oil may counter carcinogens” (12/21/2010)

4. Arizona Public Media KUAT (Tucson section NPR)

5. Agricultural Research Magazine of the USDA-ARS “Olive powder for safer burgers?” (05/2013)

6. USDA-ARS,,, Food Product Design,, Food Quality News, Food Safety News, Bites and The Meat Site “Plant compounds studied for food safety chores” (06/24/2013, 06/25/2013, 07/10/201307/03/2013, 07/10/201307/02/2013)



Apple film wraps for chicken research was featured in the following public media:

1. Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Press Release & IFT Weekly Newsletter “Edible apple film wraps may protect meat, poultry from pathogens” (10/07/2009)

2. Foot safety Network News (Bites) “US: Edible apple film wraps may protect meat and poultry products against foodborne pathogens” (09/24/2009)

4. International Magazine Biopackaging World
5. Packaging Professional Magazine, UK “Apple films fight germs” (07/17/2011)

6. Active & Intelligent Pack World Magazine, UK


Additional research from our lab was featured in following public media:

1.  Olive extract against E. coli O157:H7 in ground beef patties research “Olive Powder for Safer Burgers?” featured in “Agricultural Research” magazine of USDA- May/June 2013 issue.

2. Olive extract against E. coli O157:H7 in ground beef patties research featured in bites “US: Plant Compounds Studied for their Food Safety Chores” (06/24/2013)

3. Carvacrol and cinnamaldehyde activity in foods featured in bites “ Carvacrol and Cinnamaldehyde inactivate antibiotic-resistant Salmonella enterica in buffer and on celery and oysters” (02/05/2010)

4. Heat and antimicrobial inactivation of L. monocytogenes on bologna featured in bites “Effects and interactions of sodium lactate, sodium diacetate, and pediocin on the thermal inactivation of starved Listeria monocytogenes on bologna” (10/29/2010)

5. Transfer rates of S. enterica from chicken to fresh produce featured in bites

6. "The war on microbes" – UANews (06/15/2011)

7. "Copper Kills Harmful Bacteria, UA Researchers Find" – UANews (07/13/2012)

8. “UA Food Safety Experts Team Up to Reduce Foodborne Illness” – UANews (10/08/2012)

9. Antimicrobial activity of plant compounds in ground pork was featured in Dailybarf “Antimicrobial activity of plant compounds against Salmonella Typhimurium DT104 in ground pork and the influence of heat and storage on the antimicrobial activity”

10. Our USDA-NIFA Water grant (CONSERVE) forming a Center of Excellence (collaborations between Univ. of MD, Univ. of Arizona, New Mexico State University, University of Delaware and several companies) for irrigation water safety and quality specifically looking at non-traditional sources of water was featured in the UA news in April 2016.

11. AZ PBS Channel 8 Cronkite News- Our research on methods of application of plant antimicrobials on/in various foods conducted in my lab was featured in the Arizona PBS Channel 8 Cronkite News on 11/28/2016 evening.  The story also covered sensory analysis of leafy greens.

12. Azteca Tucson 14/Bienvenidos a “Su Casa” TV show- Dr. Ravishankar interviewed with Maria Powell of Bienvenidos a “Su Casa” TV show regarding preventing cross-contamination in the kitchen, produce safety and cantaloupe cutting, etc., mainly for Hispanic consumers.